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Festival of Balloons & Carnival Rides

Codi and I went to the Allstate Festival of Balloons with four friends and their G-Force loving kids. Although there were no balloons at the festival while we were there, we had a great time going on some of the carnival rides. We took some good photos, but this quick and jerky video probably gives the best impression.

(The video was taken with a pocket-sized Vado camcorder made by Creative Labs. $99. Not bad. The original video is cleaner. Conversion to Flash dropped the quality quite a bit.)

Restaurant Warning Signs

I had a hankering for BBQ the other day, so I stopped by a rather popular BBQ restaurant. It was highly recommended. As soon as I arrived, I noticed some things that I should have paid better attention to.

1. Hand written sign on door: “Jiggle door handle. It’ll open.”
2. Inside restaurant: distinct smell of cats.
3. Quote from chef/cashier: “I’m so nervous. I’m here all by myself.”
4. 75% of the people who walked in, looked around and left rather quickly.

I toughed it out and got my BBQ sandwich. Sharp stomach ache followed about 15 minutes later. Woops.

Argyle Winery Visit & Vineyard Photos

I headed out to Argyle Winery yesterday to take some photos of the vines and grapes. It’s still pretty early in the growing season, but things are looking pretty nice. Here are a few shots (out of 70+). Most of the photos were of Chardonnay vines.