Restaurant Warning Signs

I had a hankering for BBQ the other day, so I stopped by a rather popular BBQ restaurant. It was highly recommended. As soon as I arrived, I noticed some things that I should have paid better attention to.

1. Hand written sign on door: “Jiggle door handle. It’ll open.”
2. Inside restaurant: distinct smell of cats.
3. Quote from chef/cashier: “I’m so nervous. I’m here all by myself.”
4. 75% of the people who walked in, looked around and left rather quickly.

I toughed it out and got my BBQ sandwich. Sharp stomach ache followed about 15 minutes later. Woops.

  1. LOL
    ok….discretely tell where NOT to go for BBQ please…

  2. Stick to Portland metro and you’ll be ok. If you head out towards the more rural areas where there are lots of grape vines, you’ll want to be careful. If you smell cats in a roadside BBQ joint, just drive away. You’d be better off getting food at a gas station.

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