Monthly Archives: June 2008

Amazing eBay Auction for $50 bill

Someone actually bid on this item and paid $59.99 for it! Optional $3 shipping! Wow.

I love the safety line – “I will not scam you.”

Airline Prices are Ludicrous!

I was checking some airline prices for a summer trip to Florida when I stumbled upon this doozy. What is Alaska Airlines thinking? A year ago, Codi and I headed back east for about $350 round trip – for the both of us! This represents a 2000% increase. Bull-honkey.

1 : amusing or laughable through obvious absurdity, incongruity, exaggeration, or eccentricity
2 : meriting derisive laughter or scorn as absurdly inept, false, or foolish
3 : Alaska Airlines’ pricing scheme

Portland Rose Gardens

It was a gorgeous pre-summer day, so Codi and I headed out to the Portland Rose Gardens to enjoy some outside time, take some photos, etc. The sun was extra bright, so pictures didn’t come out quite like I’d hoped. Some of them are pretty decent, though. Here are a few examples: