Monthly Archives: January 2008

Port from Portland

As some people know, I’m a big fan of wine and port. I am close to and work with several Oregon wineries. Having such a close connection, I am used to getting some pre-release and ‘private stash’ wines every once in a while. Over the holidays, I got an awesome treat – one of the first and few Oregon-made port wines. It’s stunning. It easily rivals ports from Portugal and Australia. One of the fun parts of having this port is the fact that it’s very much a pre-release. In fact, it doesn’t even have a label yet! Label or not, it’s amazing.

Once the port is given a label, I’ll post a photo.

Hell Freezing Over

Surely a sign that hell has begun freezing over, I voluntarily drank (and didn’t dislike) an entire glass of vanilla soy milk. Not even a week ago, I would have preferred to eat a pound of sala (Russian salt-cured pork fat) rather than take even the slightest sip of soy milk. Lo and behold, people can change and so can tolerance for foods. Besides, maybe migrating from milk to soy will help me get rid of those extra few pounds I can’t seem to shed. It’s one of those 2008 resolutions. =)


Codi and I just got back from a few days in Florida – our annual Christmas Part Deux. We had a good visit, spent time with family and shivered a little in the unexpectedly cold weather. Of course, it’s now 25 degrees out in Portland and snowed earlier in the afternoon, so even a chilly Florida looks pretty toasty right about now!