Monthly Archives: September 2007

Clean-Up on Aisle 5

Today was a little more exciting that I had planned. On my way back from the wine country, I happened upon a fresh accident. It seems that a pickup truck and a station wagon had gotten a little too close and, like the “pit maneuver” on the TV show Cops, a little tap on the rear left bumper sent the station wagon into a spin. The spinning car tapped another car, sending both into another spin, with both cars coming to a stop facing oncoming traffic. Wow.

When I approached the scene, I noticed that no one else had stopped, even though there were hundreds of witnesses. How rude and irresponsible some people are! Geez!

Anyway, I pulled over and checked everyone in their cars to make sure there were no serious injuries. Cars were still driving really close to the accident, so I had to get one lady out of her car. Then I got a bunch of road flares out of my trunk and blocked off the lane with all the spun cars in it. I found some road cones on the side of the highway from recent construction, so I used those. (Can you believe some people were dodging the cones and flares to get a better place in traffic?!)

It looked like the police were going to be a while, and I knew at some point one of the idiot drivers passing by would create some havoc, so the lane needed to be cleared. One guy in a truck pulled over to help me divert traffic so I could move the damaged cars out of the incoming traffic.

Once things were cleaned up, it was a matter of waiting for the cops to arrive. Once they did, it took another 30-40 minutes to get things squared away. In the end, all was well and no one was seriously injured. The cops, firemen and EMTs said I did a great job handling the scene. Aww, golly. =)

The moral of the story – carry an emergency road kit in case someone is in need; help people if you see they need help; and don’t drive like an sh*t head when approaching the scene of an accident. Thank you.