Monthly Archives: August 2007

Time Flies When Your Slaving Away

I’ve been working so hard and so many hours over the past few months that I feel like I’ve been in a Soviet labor camp. My free time for posting photos and fun stories has been reduced to zero, and I’ve hardly had time to even think of fun posts. Well, Codi to the rescue… she dragged my butt away from the office and out to a concert. We caught Curtis Salgado live in Lake Oswego. Wow – he and his band are really good! His guitarist is amazing. Anyhoo – during the concert (we were pretty much front row in front of the stage) some kooky lady started dancing this crazy, hippie, woozy, drunken dance. She was flailing and gyrating and getting all twisty and weird. Eeks. I got it on video – short but kind of funny.