High Adventure! Aerial Photographs of Oregon Vineyards!

Boy, did I ever have a fun morning! I was out at Argyle Winery when a conversation turned to aerial photography. I’ve been itching to take aerials for years, so I offered to take some photos. Minutes later I was strapping in to a little two-seater Cessna, ready for take-off! Fortunately for me, the windows on this airplane opened up, so I was able to lean out a little and get some awesome shots. We were going about 100mph somewhere around 3,000 feet high, so the wind was very strong and very cold. It was totally worth it, though! So damn fun! I plan on repeating this adventure as often as possible!

I ended up taking over 470 photos. 350 of them looked great, with no wing or strut in the shot.

This is Knudsen Vineyard, the main source of Argyle’s tastiest wines.

This is a fun shot looking straight down. I thought it was fun how the landing gear was in the frame. It sort of adds perspective.

This is one of my favorite angles because it gives the impression that I could have been standing on the wing. (I wish!)

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