Laptop Safety – Watch Your Stuff!

I’ve heard countless stories about people’s laptops being stolen. Thefts apparently occur in all types of places – airports, offices, restaurants and even coffee shops. With all the hubbub, you’d think that people would pay a little more attention to their computers when out in public.

I was at a coffee shop in SF last week accessing some free WiFi, and I noticed a woman sitting a couple tables away from me. She was working away on her Powerbook. At one point, she closed the Powerbook’s screen, got up and went to the restroom. She just left the laptop on the table. She was gone for at least 5 minutes. When she returned from the w/c, instead of going back to her table, she went outside to make a phone call. I watched her walk down the block and across the street. Another 5 minutes later, she returned to the coffee shop. She went to the counter and ordered a drink, then casually returned to her table a few minutes later.

I was astonished that her laptop was still there. I was also amazed that someone could be so blatantly irresponsible about protecting their expensive laptop in a public place.

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