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Domestic Life Beef Immerses Cabbage – Yummy!

I love oriental food! Anyone who’s ever been to an oriental restaurant has undoubtedly seen some funny spelling errors, like “Cheikan in Garlac Sause”. That’s part of the fun!

Earlier today, I found a funny website with scans of poorly translated Japanese and Chinese menus. These are about the worst (or best?) that I have ever seen!

Hot and Snowy

Codi and I spent a little time in Florida recently visiting friends and family. We went from hot & sunny to cold & snowy almost in an instant. Here are two photos to show the difference 3,000 miles can make.

Pancakes for Dinner

In violation of common sense and every diet book ever published, I’ve been eating pancakes and crepes for dinner for the last three nights. Tonight’s menu included peach crepes with vanilla-infused pure maple syrup. OMG.