Chemical X

I had an opportunity to snap a few shots at a friend’s private concert. The band is Chemical X, and our friend, MG, is the lead singer.

I took nearly 300 shots in an hour. (300 counts as “a few” shots, right?). I’m happy with about 20 or 30 of them, which is a less-than-acceptable ratio for me. Regardless, there are some pretty fun images!

I was reminded that it can be tough shooting in the dark at fast-moving targets. (This wasn’t the first time I’ve learned that lesson.) Once I stopped trying to get accurate still shots (what was I thinking?!), I had a great time with longer exposures. Exposures over 1 second produced awesome lighting and light-trail effects as shown below. The light trails are natural to all these photos. I did some Photoshopping, mostly on the black & white image. Everything else is very, very close to natural.

P.S. The band absolutely rocked!

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