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Argyle Winery

I went out to Argyle Winery again, just in time for a wine tour and harvest lunch! As usual, the tour was very educational and fun, and the harvest lunch was amazing – totally gourmet. The weather was very pleasant, lots of people showed up and we all had a nice time.

Random Photos

Friday was an 18-hour work day for me. In addition to my regular work, I took about 200 photos for an upcoming magazine article. Pretty fun stuff, but very taxing after such a long day.

Random photo #1 – my flash went wizzy and I wound up with this nonsensical light display.

Random photo #2 – at the last shoot location, I got to enjoy a superb glass of port.

What the Kvass is That?!

Today I found a little Russian shop with some things that are pretty hard to find in the US. One of those things is kvass – a Russian/Ukrainian drink made from fermented black (or rye) bread. Sounds gross, but it’s not too bad. It’s not fantastic, but it is certainly unique and worth a few sips. So I bought a bottle of kvass and a bottle of pinapple soda.