Monthly Archives: October 2006

Black & White

I recently started experimenting with black & white photography. I haven’t done any real B&W since the late 80′s. So far, I’m having a good time, getting some interesting shots. I’ve been using the Rebel XTi which has a great set of B&W options.

Self portrait…

Old man, downtown Portland…

Birthday Party

Codi and I went to a fun birthday party for our good friend, PM. Her husband, NM, threw a very good party with lots of local friends. Of course, the massive selection of 60+ gourmet cupcakes was a smart touch. My favorite was the carrot cake version with homemade frosting. Good lawd, I could have had a dozen of those! (I was good – I only had one!)

If Dell Motherboard Leaks Acid, Just Reboot?

I’m on the phone with Dell tech support right now. It’s someone from India – her accent is pretty thick, but I think she said her name is Sally. Yeah, right. Anyway, I called up to get a replacement motherboard for a Dell Optiplex. The call has been going like this:

(Sally) – What seems to be the problem, sir?
(Me) – I need a replacement motherboard. This one is leaking acid.
(Sally) – Are you getting any error messages?
(Me) – No, just orange acid.
(Sally) – Did you try rebooting?
(Me) – Do you understand what I mean by ACID leaking from the motherboard?!
(Sally) – Can you tell me what color light is on the motherboard?
(Me) – No light, no power, just acid. It won’t turn on.
(Sally) – Do you know how to open the case?
(Me) – (Muffled swearing)… It’s already open.
(Sally) – Ah… Umm, well… How long have you been experiencing this problem?
(Me) – You’ve got to be kidding me. I noticed it yesterday.
(Sally) – I see. May I place you on hold?

After another 10 minutes of haggling, Sally finally let loose with a replacement motherboard. Apparently, acid leaking from the motherboard “could” be a software issue, or maybe something that can be fixed by a reboot. Oy vey.