Cougars at the Oregon Zoo

Codi and I went to the Oregon Zoo today. Many of the animals were asleep or otherwise unavailable. Bah. On a positive note, the new “Cougar Canyon” was pretty cool.

This cougar was trying very hard to get a taste of his audience. Click to see a larger image.

The last thing a gazelle sees… Click to see a larger image.

Note to parents: when bringing your kids to the zoo, don’t hoist them up, unprotected, in front of a deadly American Eagle and say lame things like “Ooh, big birdie! Lookada big birrrrdie.” Please respect your kids enough to tell them what an eagle is. The same goes for polar bears, tigers, cougars, etc. And for goodness sake, don’t taunt animals with pieces of hot dog, unless you don’t mind claws in your forearm.

After the zoo, we went to Zeppo for a tasty low-carb lunch.

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