Dahlias in Canby, Oregon

Codi and I went to the Canby Dahlia Festival today to take some photos. We ended up with 308 shots, most of which turned out beautifully. Here are just a few samples. Maybe I’ll post more later.

This is what 308 images look like as a contact sheet. Doesn’t look like much to me. Next time I’ll take more.

There were hundreds, maybe thousands, of bees. It wasn’t distracting at all – they were busy (har har) getting pollen.

Here we are…

This dahlia looks like it has teeth. Feed me Seymore, feed me now!

Codi took this picture. I like the angle and colors.

This reminds me of an artichoke blooming… sort of.

Click on this one for a 1600×1050 desktop background image. Ideal size for Macs.

Please realize that these photos are copyrighted. If you use one on your website, please be respectful and give credit to this site. Thanks!

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