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Homemade Raspberry Coulis

Codi and I went raspberry picking again today. We picked nearly 8 pounds of fresh Coho and Willamette raspberries! When we got home, I made a fresh raspberry coulis for a special dessert dish (vanilla bean ice cream, raspberry coulis and carmelized banana – wowow!).

Of course, the base of this coulis is Argyle Winery’s special Blanc de Blancs sparkling wine, straight from the Dundee Hills.

As a sweetener and special flavor surprise, I used natural lavender syrup made from local lavender fields – that and very rare white Hawaiian honey from the kiawe tree. OMG, this is good stuff!

Once strained, the coulis will chill and thicken a bit. It should be served cold along side the vanilla bean ice cream and carmelized bananas. Diet shmiet.

Old Russian Architecture

A conversation about old Russian architecture the other night led me to recover this aging photo from when I was living in Russia years ago. This church is located in Nizhny Novgorod, a gorgeous city with countless examples of stunning architecture. This church is one of them – perhaps not as grand as the Romanov palaces – but this church has an interesting history and an interesting structure. No nails or glue were used in building this church. It is held together by notches and grooves in the wood slats and tiles – sort of like Lincoln Logs but on a huge, Russian scale. Imagine a building that hasn’t a single nail but can withstand harsh Russian weather for well over 100 years.

More Fireworks from Lake Oswego

Thanks to our friends, N&P and C&J, we had a good time on the 4th of July, and we got some awesome photos of the fireworks! Here are some more – 15 out of over 100 shots.