Homemade Raspberry Coulis

Codi and I went raspberry picking again today. We picked nearly 8 pounds of fresh Coho and Willamette raspberries! When we got home, I made a fresh raspberry coulis for a special dessert dish (vanilla bean ice cream, raspberry coulis and carmelized banana – wowow!).

Of course, the base of this coulis is Argyle Winery’s special Blanc de Blancs sparkling wine, straight from the Dundee Hills.

As a sweetener and special flavor surprise, I used natural lavender syrup made from local lavender fields – that and very rare white Hawaiian honey from the kiawe tree. OMG, this is good stuff!

Once strained, the coulis will chill and thicken a bit. It should be served cold along side the vanilla bean ice cream and carmelized bananas. Diet shmiet.

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