Long Beach and Astoria

On Sunday, Codi and I went to Long Beach, Washington and Astoria, Oregon with our friends, N&P. It was a good day of travel and we saw plenty of the beachy Washington lifestyle. Here are a few pics:

There’s a town that’s actually called Oysterville. Can you guess what the main industry is? Golly. The main oyster farm building is an interesting structure.

This is a cranberry bog. The near-beach area of Washington is apparently a high-yeild area for cranberrries. Who knew?!

Back in Astoria, I spotted this nasty looking van at the Sunday Market. Does it look like this guy has extra thousands in cash laying around? And what the heck is Happy Juice??!! Ironically, when I took this photo, Mr. Happy Juice didn’t look too happy.

I’ve almost never seen any bums in rural Oregon towns. This one had a stylin’ motorcycle helmet and fleece cape ensemble.

The four of us stopped for ice cream! Yum!

Many of the buildings in downtown Astoria are sadly mis-used. This (potentially) gorgeous example is a run-down apartment-like building. It would look so good renovated and converted to upscale retail and restaurant use!

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