Monthly Archives: July 2006

Carmelized Banana Dessert

Codi and I went to the gym yesterday and had a really good workout. To celebrate, I made a really tasty dessert – carmelized bananas (in a lavender and riesling reduction), vanilla ice cream and shortbread cookies from the Honolulu cookie company. Yum!

Happy Birthdays To Us!

Both Codi and I had our birthdays this week (today is Codi’s 24th, and my 36th was on July 18). Happy birthdays to us! =)

Knudsen Vineyard

After stopping at Argyle Winery the other day, I drove up to Knudsen Vineyard where Argyle grows most of its premium grapes. The skies were gorgeous and the vines were so alive and fresh! The grapes aren’t juicy yet, and this raging heat isn’t really helping a lot, but they’ll be tasty by the end of August.

Can you see Mt. Hood in the distance?