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Frank Amodo

Codi and I were fortunate enough to have Frank Amodo as our wedding photographer on Oahu. We recently received the entirety of our wedding photo package and we were completely blown away. Not only were the photos amazing – world class, really – the presentation, DVDs, photo book, etc. were beyond expectations. Codi and I want to extend a huge ‘mahalo’ to Frank for making our wedding one of the most memorable occasions we’ve ever experienced. We highly, highly recommend Frank to anyone who plans on getting married on Oahu or any of the Hawaiian islands.

Fun at the Oregon Zoo

Codi and I are members of the Oregon Zoo, so we like to visit as often as possible. We were there on Sunday and had a good time.

As you can see, the butterflies were pretty friendly – and somewhat fearless. One of them spent over 20 minutes climbing all over Codi’s sweater!

Crazy 360° Rainbow

Codi and I went to CPK for lunch today. When we got out of the car, I looked up and saw an amazing sight – a 360° rainbow – a perfect circle, directly above. It seems that there was some thick mist a few thousand feet up in the air, and that mist was creating a prism effect, just like a normal rainbow does, but this was located way up in the sky. I took about 20 pictures, most of which turned out quite well. I’ve only seen this phenomenon in Oregon – three times now.

I took this shot directly at the sun – shutter speed set at 4000 and f22.

I used the corner of a building to block the bright sunlight. Of course, I only got 75% of the rainbow, but it’s still a cool effect.