Monthly Archives: June 2006

A Very Good Day!

Boy oh boy, today was a good day. We started out by going to the Portland Farmers Market with our friends N&P. We got lots of fresh veggies and some tasty fresh-caught salmon.

Afterwards, Codi and I went to the Mountainside Lavender Farm on Chehalem Mountain in the Scholls, Oregon area.

After getting two huge bunches of fresh lavender, we went to a berry farm and picked about 5 pounds of fresh raspberries, Siskiyou blackberries (the best in the world! like blackberry fused with pinot noir grapes!), and some very interesting Obsidian blackberries. Nothing beats the taste of fresh, hot berries in the summer! Wowowow!

Later on, we went to Zeppo for caprese and bruschetta, then back home where I grilled the fresh salmon and steamed some fresh zucchini in an olive oil, herb and sparkling wine sauce.

(Click for larger image of the spider eating a bee.)


Trying to catch the sound of squeaky brakes, I attached a video camera to the rear wheel of our car. The squeaks can barely be heard over the rush of wind and noise from speed bumps, but the resulting video is kind of funny.

(Requires Quicktime)

Grammar School Cryptography

When I was in grammar school, I used to have fun with cryptography – making alternate alphabets with runic characters and hiding codes in scribbles – mostly to pass notes in class with friends. Of course, I had to educate my friends so they could decode messages, but it was always pretty easy. (One kid got caught with a cheat-sheet and the coded-note passing ended promptly.)

Here’s an example of a super-easy message. It’s impossible to make it easier without totally giving it away.

P.S. I guess some people don’t know what runic characters are. Runic characters were the symbols for whole words or individual letters in early written languages – most commonly from 1000-2000 years ago. Here’s a sample runic alphabet: