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Apple & Nike to My Rescue!

I have been looking for any way possible to force myself to go out and run. We’ve got gorgeous hills and trails to run on all over the place, but I find myself glued to the computer and unable to find inspiration to get my cardio.

Along comes a brilliant product from Apple and Nike – a wireless device that gets placed inside a running shoe (like a pedometer) and wirelessly transmits running stats (speeds, distances, etc.) to your iPod. Once you return home, the iPod uploads your running stats to your computer and you get all sorts of nerdly graphs that show how well you’re doing (or how much harder you need to try). There are other cool features, too, like custom playlists for your runs, etc.

Goodbye flab! Hello iToned!!

Holy Moley

I got a new laptop this last week, and boy is it an awesome computer! I got the white MacBook from Apple – as close to fully loaded as I could get. I’m in the middle of writing a review of it right now. Preview of the review? “Wowowow!”

What the Heck is This?

A friend of mine found a tiny little spore on a flower the other day. He had a funny feeling about it, so he collected it and put it under a microscope. It was not a spore – it was some sort of creepy mutant bug. A bumpy, squirmy red blob with sharp quilled legs. It was surrounded by what appeared to be eggs. Gross!

I was lucky enough to hold the camera steady on the eye piece of the microscope.