San Francisco Bushman

There’s a hilarious phenomenon near Fishermen’s Wharf in San Francisco – the Bushman. A bum (I assume he’s a bum) has become famous for hiding behind eucalyptus branches and scaring tourists as they walk by. It’s funny how many people do not notice a man crouched behind two tree branches on an open sidewalk, and it’s even more funny when they jump and scream over a little “booga booga!”.

(Click for crappy Quicktime video recorded on my RAZR phone.)

  1. Bay Area native now in Portlant here. :) Bushman isn’t a bum. He’s a street performer. Lots of people actually support themselves entirely on the tips tourists give. Bushman has been a favorite of locals for a long time, and it’s hilarious to watch and wait for him to scare the crud out of tourists!!

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