More Oahu Pics

Codi and I headed out from the Pali Highway area of Honolulu and drove to North Shore and Waimea Falls Park.

On the way to Waimea, we stopped at the Dole plantation for our one and only “touristy” moment on Oahu.

Fresh pineapple is sooo good. Wowow.

Nice view of the island’s interior…

After the Dole plantation, Codi and I went to Giovanni’s shrimp shack way up by the northern-most tip of Oahu. They serve huge & tasty shrimp. Codi had scampi and I had the Extra Spicy shrimp – so hot they have a sign that says “No Refunds” if it’s too hot! Good eats!

Afterwards, Codi and I went to Waimea and swam in the ocean for a couple hours. It was incredible!

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