Monthly Archives: May 2006

San Francisco Bushman

There’s a hilarious phenomenon near Fishermen’s Wharf in San Francisco – the Bushman. A bum (I assume he’s a bum) has become famous for hiding behind eucalyptus branches and scaring tourists as they walk by. It’s funny how many people do not notice a man crouched behind two tree branches on an open sidewalk, and it’s even more funny when they jump and scream over a little “booga booga!”.

(Click for crappy Quicktime video recorded on my RAZR phone.)

Back Home

Codi and I spent a few days with family in the SFO area. On our way home, we were treated to a gorgeous, rainy Oregon sunset.

(Click for larger image.)

Mt. Shasta was nice, too!

Cheers to Coffee People!

I’ve been totally used to going into Starbucks whenever I need Internet access while on the town. Of course, I ‘ve also been used to paying $20/mo for the T-Mobile hotspot access found at Starbucks. Well, those days are gone!

Coffee People offers really good coffee and free, yes F-R-E-E, wireless access in their Portland area locations. Hooray!