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Wowow – did I ever do a lot of flying this week! I flew from Portland to Tampa on Tuesday to visit my grandmother. On Wednesday morning, she and I flew back to the SFO bay area. About an hour after the bay area arrival, I took another flight to LA for 2 days of meetings and to visit my cousin. This morning I flew back to Portland. All in all, I covered a little over 7,200 miles in less than 4 days!


I was working intently on my iMac late last night when there was a knock on the door. I immediately sensed danger. I opened the door to see my neighbor bleeding heavily from his hand. The blood was running thickly down his arm and he was holding a rather large piece of skin and flesh onto his hand.

As if from a British comedy, he said “I’m really sorry to bother you, but I seem to have cut my hand. Can you help me?”

Always ready with my medic skills, I took him in, grabbed the wound with pressure and proceeded to fashion a make-shift field dressing. I wrapped the dressing tighly with 3M packaging tape (about 100lbs of pressure) and the bleeding ceased. Codi got him 2 Extra Strength Tylenol (for emergency use only) because we all knew that the hand was going to hurt like mad in a little while.

We made sure there wasn’t too much blood loss for our neighbor to drive. In a flash, he was off to the ER for stitches. Codi Windexed the entire kitchen. I washed my hands of blood and went back to writing code.

How’s that for an exciting interlude?!

Quick Fun with Exposure Times

Both photos are of champagne bottles stacked high in a warehouse. The first photo was from a 1/3 second exposure (low light). I like the circular symmetry. When viewing this photo at full res, I can see myself in the reflection at the bottom of the bottle.

The second photo was a 1 second exposure, zooming out as the timer ran down. The action of zooming out mid-exposure causes a time-warp effect. If I had used a tripod, there would be less shake. Alas, this photo suffers from caffeine jitters.