Monthly Archives: March 2006 - Page 2

Registry Day

Codi and I spent almost the entire day setting up wedding registries at various stores, looking at rings, etc. It’s a lot of work – not exactly “hard”, but certainly time consuming. I was hoping to be able to register at Apple, but Codi just laughed at me. =)

Spider and Flowers

This is an interesting photo. It seems as though the spider is the main point of focus, but what I was really intrigued by is the fact that the flowers invert to catch rain, then revert back to hold the water in; away from direct sunlight and wind, thereby preventing quick evaporation. Nerdy nature stuff, but still cool.

Spring Brings New Life to Many Things

Magnolia trees are exploding with new flowers, cherry trees are blossoming and I’m re-opening this website after a long winter hibernation. Stay tuned for a complete redesign in the next few days, followed by plenty of updated postings and photos (a lot has happened since October!).