Frozen Falls

(This is a back-dated post.) Codi and I drove out to Multnomah Falls after Portland was hit with an ice and snow storm. All the waterfalls were covered in ice, though plenty of water was still flowing.

This is us standing in front of Multnomah Falls.

(About 14 years ago, I helped save someone’s life up near the bridge behind us. A woman had fallen badly on some ice and was sliding downhill, unconscious, toward the icy water. People stood by, not knowing what to do. Someone called an ambulance, but it would take over 40 minutes for EMTs to arrive. Thinking quickly, I grabbed handfuls of dirt and moss, throwing it all over the icy incline. It was still very slippery, but I was able to quickly slide down, grab the woman’s collar and drag her back uphill to safety. Boyscout training can come in handy at the most unexpected times!)

Horse Tail Falls (facing north):

Horse Tail Falls (facing south):

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