Creepy Cemetery Photos

I was asked to take some photos to go along with an upcoming press release. I found out that the photos were to be taken in an old cemetery… wooo. Upon arrival at the gravesites, a thick fog had enveloped the entire hillside making the cemetery look creepy.

The withering tree and dead leaves add a certain punctuation to this photo. The moss and lichen on the gravestone seal the photo with a ghostly feel.
Grave, gravesite, headstone

This column has five different names on it, telling of the mysterious loss of an entire family just after the turn of the 20th century.
Grave, gravesite, headstone

This is the oddest wording I’ve ever heard of for a gravestone. “Not dead, but gone before.” Eeee.
Grave, gravesite, headstone
Dictionary hounds will probably remark that the epithet is gramatically correct and makes sense with a different definition of ‘before’, but it’s still very odd.

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