North Dakota is Beautiful!

Codi and I are having a great time in North Dakota!! It’s gorgeous here! Wiiide open plains, picturesque buttes and massive skies. The weather is perfect and the air is pristine.

This is the Killdeer Battlefield located at the foot of the Killdeer mountains (buttes, really). It was the site of a famous battle between US forces and the Nakota, Dakota and Lakota indians.
North Dakota

Here’s an old abandoned school house that we found way out in the middle of nowhere. It still had the old wood & iron desks inside – and two outhouses in the back. Olde school fun!
North Dakota

Here I am on a huge bail of hay. It took a sprint and a very high jumpt to get up there! What a view from on top of the bail, though! I could see for about 25 miles, the sky was so bright and clear!
North Dakota

P.S. I think I’ll now refer to North Dakota as “North DaCodi”.

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