Awesome Garage Sale

Codi and I went to downtown Portland and got sidetracked by a sign that said “Huge Sale”. We had time to spare, so we checked it out. The drive up the mountain was so long and windy, I would have turned back several times if I was by myself. Codi was persistent, and it’s a good thing. We totally scored some good loot!

Codi found a vintage reflex camera and a vintage Gucci wallet for $3. Hello eBay for $50!

I found two excellent cameras (Canon AE1 and a Bell & Howell/Canon FD35) and a handful of lens filters for $22 total! I’m eBaying one of the filters to make up for the entire purchase.

Here’s the Canon AE1 – the very same camera that I got back in 1982. I won a photography award with this camera, and I also got several pictures published in Field & Stream magazine with this camera in 1986! Olde school fun!
Oregon photos, Lake Oswego, Mount Hood, Portland, Oregon Gardens

I also found a $150 painting easel for $34!

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