More Class Than You Can Shake A Stick At

On my way out to visit a client one pre-dawn morning, I stopped at a highway restaurant for some breakfast and coffee. The coffee tasted like feet. The chicken fried steak was pretty scary. Some woman in a booth next to mine kept yelling at her child… “Bobby, no! Bobby, I said no! No! No! I said no! Bobby, no, or else!” Bobby seemed to know he could ignore mommy and get away with anything. To Bobby, the “or else” carried no weight.

The waitress only came out to the dining area every 8-10 minutes. I had to get up and go to the wait station to get my own fork and napkin.

I heard that this restaurant was recently nominated by someone for “best local restaurant” in a radio survey.

Here’s the menu. Notice that breakfasts are made with their “special seasons”. Apparently the food is made with winter, or perhaps summer – those seasons are pretty special.
Oregon photos, Lake Oswego, Mount Hood, Portland, Oregon Gardens

They had displays of ‘art for sale’, too. Check out the awesome location these two paintings were given. Oh my!
Oregon photos, Lake Oswego, Mount Hood, Portland, Oregon Gardens

They also have a display in the front entrance with all the eye glasses left behind by past customers. There were at least 15 pairs of homeless glasses, some of which looked like they were made in the 50′s. All of them are covered in a thick blanket of dust. Wow!

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