Real Russian Language Lessons

Last week I sent out a request for a native Russian speaker to read some Russian texts aloud so I could practice my Moscow accent. Andrei Orlov, owner of the successful Eagle House publishing company in Moscow, queried whether I wanted “slow and pedantic” Russian, like some schools teach, or “real time” Russian like you’d hear on the streets. Of course, I wanted the real Russian – “na pyatoi skorosti” (“5th gear”), i.e. as fast as required to be considered a native speaker.

What I got was both wonderful and painful. Andrew’s recording is really perfect and sounds like a TV announcer or any guy on the street. The painful part is that now I realize just how far my Russian has slipped. Now I have another project to immerse myself in.

If there are budding Russian students out there, you’ll appreciate the kick in the pants. Hardly any college profs will teach Russian the way it’s supposed to be used.

Anyway, here are a few audio clips. Enjoy! (A study aid… sto’ gram!)

Zavtrak   V Biblioteke   V Novoi Kvartire

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