PowerBook Envy

I have been to the Apple store at least 5 times in the last week – almost as many times as Codi has been to Nordstrom. I am dreaming of a new PowerBook like Codi’s – maybe the 12″ or maybe the 15″.

The last time I owned a Mac computer (aside from the two free ones I got last week) was in 1986, when it was the Mac GS/OS operating system (it was called GS/OS because it had newfangled Graphics and Sound!). Of course, it was all black & white and the screen was the size of a deck of cards. I remember folks gathering around the computer to hear the Mr. Ed sound byte that came loaded on the computer. I’m not sure if anyone out there remembers that little clip, but I was blown away by it!

In this picture, I think Codi is laughing at me because I don’t have a PowerBook yet.
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