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I finally bottled and aged my latest home-brew. I used an old, old recipe that called for specialized yeasts, high-test beer ingredients, a dozen pressed apples and the pulp from the pressed apples.

The result is a flavorful bier that doesn’t taste like any traditional bier, nor does it taste like a cider. It’s got a hint of apple-flower, sparkling wine taste, but with a heavy hop aroma. It also has little bits of apple in it.

The bier is hard to describe, hence the name “geheimnisapfelbier”, which means “mystery apple beer” in German.

Oregon photos, Lake Oswego, Mount Hood, Portland, Oregon Gardens

G.L. Williams – Country Music

I am putting together a site for country singer G.L. Williams. I have been listening to two of his CDs for about 7 hours now, editing songs for online clips, etc. Really good stuff. The site should be live by Monday. I’ll link to it when it’s done.

Oregon photos, Lake Oswego, Mount Hood, Portland, Oregon Gardens

Freezing Cold

It was sort of chilly this afternoon, so I went outside for a while. About 30 minutes later, a cold wind picked up. In less than two minutes, the sky darkened as a massive storm cloud formed over head. One small rain drop, two, three… all of a sudden, a total barrage of hail came down. The street was covered in hail pellets. I ducked under a shelter and listened to the hail assault the thin roof. Moments later the hail gave way to a powerful rain. A minute passed, the rain stopped, the hail melted and I went home.