SkyMall Promoting Corporate Espionage

Recently there’s been some major buzz about corporate espionage. Several cases were in reference to someone stealing secret documents and product plans from Apple and posting them on Apple-related blogs. Law suits have been tossed around, the FBI has gotten involved, etc.

While on my Southwest flight, I was browsing through the SkyMall magazine. One product caught my eye – a Spy Pen. It’s a pen with a camera built in.

Normally, the marketing geeks would come up with a sales pitch like “Take pictures of your cute puppy” or something equally innocent. Not this time! They proudly state the camera’s primary use – taking photos of secret documents, taking secret photos in board meetings, etc. “Sneak it in where cameras aren’t allowed…” Even better, “It also has a real built-in pen so you can actually look like you’re writing.”

Remember – this is SkyMall advertizing a camera pen with the specific purpose of corporate espionage and illegal photo-taking.
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