February Is Tori Time

Codi will forgive my excitement, I know. Looks like Tori has a new CD coming out soon. I am pre-ordering today!

Here’s a clip:

Tori says: “This can be a place of being able to confront something that’s out of balance. And it’s an ancient practice that the bee shamans have been working with for thousands of years. They work with a tradition that forces you to look at those places that may need to be stung. And in order for you or for I to gain the sweetness… wisdom does not come without the sting.”

Well, quite true. For the heck of it, I’ll not mention the grammar error. But holy moley – what a good song. Sort of jazzy, bluesy – reminds me of some of the Moskovskii Jazz played by an old Soviet band named Bravo. Thay had a couple amazing songs! I must find those tapes and convert them…

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