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Turkey On Wheat

TriMet signs say ‘No food, no drinks’, no whatever… This bus driver, however, was enjoying a turkey sandwich on wheat. =)
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Wildlife On The Table

The other night I had roasted rack of venison for dinner in Portland. It was really, really good. It was much better than the venison I had in Moscow, though the Moscow venison may not have been venison.

Side-track story. The last two times I asked what I was eating at a restaurant in Russia, I was sorely dismayed by the responses.

The first went like this:
Me:       Excuse me, but what kind of meat is this?
Cook:   < gruff voice > Just meat. Cooked.
Man:    Don’t bother asking.
Me:       Hmmm…

The second experience was something on the order of:
Me:         This steak is interesting, sort of wild. What is it?
Waiter:  < smile > Loshad. Horse.
Me:         < mid-chew > Oh…

Anyway, the recent venison got me to thinking of other exotic dishes I’ve had. They are: giraffe, wild boar, elk, the aforementioned horse and venison, rattle snake, aligator, musk ox, regular ox, stingray, quail eggs, lion jerky, sea urchin, goat (Vietnamese goat intestine stew – gross), and a few other oddities.

Dell Is Stoopid Too

When was the last time you plugged something into an outlook? Don’t stick your finger in an outlook! Oy vay!
Oregon photos, Lake Oswego, Mount Hood, Portland, Oregon Gardens