Starbucks Withdrawls

I’m usually at Starbucks every day working on my laptop, thanks to the high-speed internet connections at almost every sbux location. Of course, I usually get a coffee – not the $5 froofroo double caramel latte with foam, whipped cream and sprinkles – actual coffee. Plain coffee is only about $1.30 and has waaay more caffeine, which sometimes helps. But not recently.

I overdid the coffee intake 3 days ago and decided to cut back. OMFG. The withdrawls are intense. I have the worst headache imaginable and it’s been like this since yesterday around noon. This caffeine-induced headache reminded me of an unfortunate man who accidentally shot a nail into his head at a construction site (but waited a week or so to go to the doctors). This must be how he felt.

I think I will stick to herbal tea for a while…

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