I called WebsiteSource this morning to handle a billing issue. When I signed up for hosting in 2003, the monthly cost was about $11 per month without pre-pay.

I noticed this morning that WebsiteSource had lowered their hosting costs by a few dollars per month. I knew it was a total long shot, but it was early and I was in the mood for a challenge. I asked if I could get my monthly fee dropped to the new rate.

Ready to haggle, I found no challenge at all. The billing person I spoke with was very friendly. Without even dropping her smile, she changed my billing plan to the new, cheaper rates and issued me a small credit based on the new monthly billing date. She also upgraded my hosting plan and doubled my website disk space from 800MB to 1600MB!! Whoa!!

I’m recommending WebsiteSource to anyone out there who wants a great hosting company that is fair, friendly and has excellent technical standards. If you sign up with them, please sign up by using any of the WebsiteSource links on my site. =)

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