Codi and I headed on our way back home this morning at about 7:00am in Tampa. As usual, there were no lines at security. I got in trouble for taking this picture. I guess it’s against some TSA regulations. Woops.

About 10 minutes away from Denver, we started circling the airport waiting for a snow storm to clear. We circled for about 45 minutes, then the pilot announced that we were running out of fuel and would have to divert to Wyoming to refuel and to de-ice the wings. It was supposed to be a twenty minute deal. We were there for over two hours, just sitting. No refueling, no de-icing, nothing. At the very last minute we got fueled and de-iced, then we were off.

Denver was a mess. We missed our Portland flight by nearly three hours. We waited in the customer service line for another two hours, then got a ticket on another airline. Then we waited another hour and a half for the new flight. Codi and I had some nasty pizza for dinner and then boarded. I was able to get this quick photo before we headed out.

We’re back home now and quite happy to be here. It’s cold out – 32 degrees – just the way we like it.

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