Our plane was 15 minutes late arriving to the gate, so we got a late start. That was a good thing, because Laura was late getting through security. We boarded and took off quickly.

I looked out the window and saw a beautiful sky. The colors were rich. The composition of the cloud-to-sky photograph intrigues me.

Codi, Laura and I are sitting in the second to the last row.

Our view out the window is of the port side wing.

Here’s that wing again. The sky got a little lighter, and the clouds a little whiter.

We had a little turbulence for a while. Both Laura and Codi looked like they were getting car sick. =) I was fine.

What did I see when I looked up? No big surprise.

We’ll I’m listening to my Sharon Shannon MP3s and writing this blog. Now I’m writing about writing. I think I’ll watch one of the 5 DVDs I have stored on my hard drive. Over and out. Roger that.

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