Codi and I are heading to Florida for a couple days. There was a gorgeous sunrise this morning – the sun rose just behind Mt. Hood and covered the silhoutte in pink light. There were heavy rain clouds above the mountain and we could see rain and snow falling from them. It was amazing. Unfortunately, my camera was in the back of the airport shuttle. Damn.

We got to the airport early. There were hardly any people here at all. Security check took less than 5 minutes. Everyone was nice and friendly, but one lady working at the metal detectors was just nasty. Maybe she missed her coffee this morning. We complained to the TSA manager because she was very rude.

Codi and I made it into the terminal, only to find that we were nearly alone.

The runways and terminals look quiet and peaceful.

Of course, we got to our gate and there was only one old guy waiting. We practically had the whole place to ourselves.

I thought holiday travel was supposed to be hectic. Where are the crowds? Where are the throngs of wily travelers?

45 mins till we board. What to do… what to do…?

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