Having been honkered, screwed, tricked and over-priced by T-Mobile and Verizon, I am not a happy cell phone user. My cell phone use is, however, critical to my work and personal life. When an emergency occurs, or when I have to be on a tech support call (giving or receiving), my cell phone bill usually skyrockets due to the 40-cent per minute overages.

There’s no getting around those choke-hold tactics of the cell phone carriers. Or is there?

Ah ha! Behold one of the greatest innovations of this young century. Skype – my new friend.

Skype is a FREE internet phone service. Download, sign up and then enjoy free computer to computer calling to/from anywhere in the world – just like any phone service. Free – anywhere!! If you need to call someone who uses a standard phone, the calls are 2 cents per minute to/from anywhere in the world!! Two cents – anywhere!!

One other cool thing – all calls are encrypted, so your conversations are free from snoops and hacks!

I’ve calculated that I’ll save a minimum of $40 per month on my cell service thanks to using Skype! That’s a lot of savings!

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