By the recommendation of Karate Master Jukucho Kent Kim, Codi and I went to Uwajimaya in Beaverton to shop for some really authentic Japanese foods.

Uwajimaya is by far the largest Japanese store I have ever seen. They have everything there – from shoji screens, Japanese dinner ware and katakana writing supplies to expensive imported Japanese teas, bags of crunchy snack fish (guppy-sized fish dried, salted & bagged like Doritos) and a massive assortment of dried goods, rices, sakes and fresh (still swimming) fish. I was amazed.

I bought some fun snacks to experiment with. Granted, I couldn’t read but a few of the packages in the whole store, but if something looked potentially tasty, I got it.

So far, we’ve tried Nori Maki (seaweed wrapped rice crackers) and they weren’t too bad at all. I mean, they’re not like Frito’s, but they were fun. Very heavy on the seaweed taste. Codi was very brave and almost ate one, but she finally spit it out. I tried about ten of them. I’ll need a handful of mints now. =)

These honey-based snack-crackers looked good, but tasted like sugar and moo goo gai pan sauce. They left a funny pasty taste in the mouth. Not to be repeated. Cute packaging, though.

These “Fran Duo” sticks are like Pocky Sticks – stick-shaped chocolate wafers double or triple dipped in chocolate, white chocolate, etc. Very tasty and sweet.

I’ve always liked green teas at Japanese restaurants and I’ve heard lots of good things about the health benefits of green tea, so I got a nice package of it. Don’t ask me what the name of the tea is, what it’s got in it, or even if it’s safe to drink. I can’t read a damned thing on the bag. I made a cup of it (not being able to follow the directions at all) and the tea tastes like hot mowed grass. However, with a little honey stirred in, the tea is pretty tasty. I think it may have caffeine because 10 mins later I got a little buzz going. I will ask Master Jukucho Kent Kim what kind of tea it is.

I bought imported chestnuts and roasted them per instructions. Tasted a little like corn, wheat-germ and acorn squash mixed together.

I bought teriyaki tofu for Laura because she’s a vegetarian, but I’ll try some of it, too.

Imported jasmine rice smells awsome. Will make some later this evening.

Finally, Codi picked out a number of packs of gum. They’re pretty tasty.

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