I have been doing extensive scientific research in the field of dimensional relativity and space-time systems. As anyone knows, in Newtonian mechanics velocity is derived by differentiating the position with respect to time. In a simplified sense, we can see that:

The nature of time in Einstein’s relativity appears at first glance to pose something of a problem. The differences in x, y and z are entirely dependent on whether or not Nordstrom Time (nT) is entered into the equasion while Codi (c) is present.

As you can see, the fourth dimension (Time) is independently effected by the proximity of Nordstrom and Codi elements. If Codi estimates that she’ll be at Nordstrom for 30 minutes, then mathematically, 30 mins could equate to 12,478 minutes, or the number of new shoes (nS) in the sale area to the 8th power.

For more interesting info on this topic, see Nova’s interview with Carl Sagan.


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