Monthly Archives: September 2004


Woody is growing up very quicly. Only a few days ago, he was not much bigger than a half-dollar, thin, light and with his eyes shut. Today he’s almost twice his original size, his eyes are open and he’s got energy like he’s been on a Starbucks I.V. drip. Codi and I bought a new house for him – a larger space for him to play in and get needed exercise. He’s already trying to break free by climbing up the walls of his little domain. Today is also the first day he showed interest in solid foods. He munched on a sunflower seed and a oat cluster. Good Woody!!

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Oh my, oh my! Send me to the Nuthouse! Argyle released their new “Nuthouse Chardonnay” and I love it! I have always been a red wine person, but I learned to appreciate chardonnay and riesling wines these last two years. Without a doubt, this is the best chardonnay I have ever had. Check it out yourself at Argyle’s Website.


Codi and I drove to West Linn to pick up a car-load of firewood this morning. It’s already getting into the 40′s at night, and it looks like this could be a very cold winter here again.

I was loading wood from a large stack and as I was about to pick up another piece and throw it into the “keep” pile, I looked down and saw this little grey splotch. I looked closer and saw that it was a baby mouse! It must have climbed into the wood pile to keep out of the rain and cold air.

We took him to PetSmart and Laura helped us pick out some supplies for him – a little house, some milk & a dropper, etc.

His eyes aren’t open yet, but he’s very active, crawling around, squeaking, etc. Codi and I decided to call him “Woody” because I found him in a wood pile. =)

Here’s his first photo: