I earned a few boy scout points this afternoon. I saw an auto accident in Tigard so I jumped in to help, as usual (this was at least the 6th time I’ve done this). Both cars were tweaked – a Mitsubishi hit a Jeep. The Mitsu was totalled; both airbags went off, the front of the car was crumpled up like tin foil and the engine compartment was pushed up against the firewall. The windshield broke from the impact. The Jeep had minor visible damage – a fender shoved down toward the chassis. On second inspection, the entire frame was crimped so that the rear passenger doors were forced open. Luckily the injuries were very minor today. Unlike the last accident I assisted with (a smoking SUV that I had to break in through a rear window and pull the unconscious driver out), this one was more of a “keep the order”, manage traffic and assist cleanup.

Here’s a pic of the inside of the Mistu – you can see the airbags and crumpled hood. Ouch!

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