I was quietly reading my new Mobile PC magazine on the bus this afternoon. Somewhere around page 60 I head this creepy whispery voice from my left. I looked up to see a haggard looking woman staring at me. She moved closer to me, as if to tell me a secret or something.

“I met Jesus”, she told me. Oh oh. “I personally met Jesus! I met him and he wanted me to tell you.”

“That’s nice,” I replied. “I’m going to finish reading my magazine.”

She eyed me very closely, looked around the bus, then back at me. She leaned in again, and in a weird voice, said “There’s a war going on over your soul!”

“Ok, thanks. I’m fine. Thank you.”

She left her seat, went to some other folks on the bus and began handing out fliers and preaching to them.

Ewww… I was clearly in the creepy section!

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