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With the rave reviews of my PlanetX Pilsner, I decided to make another experimental beer. After considering chocolate beer, pineapple beer and a number of other flavors (lime, too), I decided on Georgia Peach.

Not to be outdone, I chose not to use ‘flavoring’, and went with fresh, whole Georgia peaches, simmered in hot water to loosen up the pulp and make the skins bleed their gorgeous red color into the water. With the main ingredient done, I proceeded with the standard Pilsner process.

As anyone in Portland knows today, this is a frikin HOT summer (102 today!), and I must have seen it coming 6 weeks ago when I started the peach pilsner fermentation. I nearly doubled the yeast count in light of the extra peach sugars, and this jacked the final alcohol level way up past the 7% mark. An ice-cold brew like this could sell for $10 on the streets today – I’m sure of it!!

Here’s the label I made for the 16oz bottles. =) I wish you could taste it. It’s sooo good.


Guess who got pulled over today under suspicion of driving a stolen car?

Yes, cute little Codi – the girl who always drives the speed limit; the one who stops at stop signs (a rare thing these days); the one who’s never gotten a ticket in her life.

We’ve been driving a rental car recently while we research what kind of car we want to purchase next. Anyway, Codi was driving to work today when a cop car followed her from our driveway all the way toward the Lake O & Tigard line (about 6 miles) and then lit up his lights. Apparently someone at Enterprise switched license plates from one car to another (duh!), as the license plates on our car were for another Enterprise car.

Of course, Codi was not too happy about it. Enterprise apologized several times, inidcating that they made a grave mistake. Uh, yeah! Tomorrow morning they’re upgrading us to a newer SUV for no extra cost. =)


It’s late July and hot, ripe blackberries seem to be everywhere in Lake O! In the last two weeks, Laura, Codi and I have picked 4 tupperware containers full of them. Even alongside the railroad tracks in Lake O, the blackberry bushes are thick with fruit.

This morning I wanted to make myself a PB&J sandwich. I started putting it together, then found out half way through that we had no jam. Doh! But sitting on a shelf was a fresh container of blackberries. I grabbed about 30 of them and piled them about 2 inches thick on the peanut-butter side of my sandwich and topped it with another slice of bread. The result was an amazing treat, almost too good to believe! =)