Guess who got pulled over today under suspicion of driving a stolen car?

Yes, cute little Codi – the girl who always drives the speed limit; the one who stops at stop signs (a rare thing these days); the one who’s never gotten a ticket in her life.

We’ve been driving a rental car recently while we research what kind of car we want to purchase next. Anyway, Codi was driving to work today when a cop car followed her from our driveway all the way toward the Lake O & Tigard line (about 6 miles) and then lit up his lights. Apparently someone at Enterprise switched license plates from one car to another (duh!), as the license plates on our car were for another Enterprise car.

Of course, Codi was not too happy about it. Enterprise apologized several times, inidcating that they made a grave mistake. Uh, yeah! Tomorrow morning they’re upgrading us to a newer SUV for no extra cost. =)

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